Consider getting a GMC model if you are in the market for a dependable SUV or truck. The GMC brand makes high-quality vehicles that can handle difficult jobs and get you across harsh terrains. Our dealership in Dickinson, ND, provides interested buyers with an assortment of used GMC models in different body styles, configurations, and trim levels. We also have models from recent model years, with low mileage and modern amenities. Our experienced sales representatives will help you find a suitable GMC model in our used inventory regardless of your budget and lifestyle.


You should consider getting a GMC SUV today if your lifestyle requires a spacious vehicle with unmatched off-road capabilities. We have a wide range of GMC models, including the full-size GMC Yukon and the compact GMC Terrain. The GMC Yukon has enough power to haul your family for a long road trip while towing a trailer or tugging speed boats. The Yukon has two V8 engine options: a 5.3-liter and a 6.2-liter. Both produce remarkable torque for effortless towing and immense horsepower for an enjoyable highway driving experience.

For buyers looking for a spacious and capable mid-size SUV, the GMC Acadia will not disappoint you. The three-row model has a four-cylinder base engine and a powerful V6 option in higher trims. The four-cylinder option will suffice if you want a fuel-efficient engine with enough power for urban driving. On the other hand, the V6 is perfect for buyers looking for exceptional towing abilities and a refined highway ride.

Although the GMC Terrain is the smallest model in the brand’s SUV lineup, you will love its capability and reliability. The GMC Terrain has a small-displacement engine with forced induction to balance power and efficiency. The turbocharger makes the GMC Terrain surprisingly quick on highway drives and allows you to spend less on fuel in city driving.

Used GMC Trucks

Our GMC trucks will do more than hauling and towing heavy equipment. These models have luxurious interiors with enough comfort-enhancing features to keep you comfortable during your family trips. We have different cab configurations, including regular and crew cab, to ensure you get a model that matches your driving needs and daily life. The GMC Canyon is an excellent choice if you are looking for a capable compact truck. It has several engine options, including a four-cylinder and a V6 option. Even though they produce different power outputs, both engines ensure you can tow light trailers or campers to spice up your camping expeditions.

The GMC Sierra 1500 has numerous powertrain options, including a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, a V6, and two V8 options. When you choose the inline-four engine, you will enjoy enough power and decent fuel economy ratings in city and highway driving. Whereas the V6 offers mid-tier performance, the V8 options are ideal for demanding tasks due to their excellent power ratings. Few truck models can match the Sierra 2500 in capability and performance. The heavy-duty model has two V8 options with high torque amounts for easier towing at your work site.

Financing at Red Rock Ford of Dickinson

As soon as you find a financing plan that matches your interests, please start your ownership journey by securing low-interest financing. When you fill out our online financing forms, our financing team will process your information and set you up with a plan that works for you. For more information regarding our financing services, please swing by our finance center, or contact our dealership today.

Test Drive Your Dream GMC at Red Rock Ford of Dickinson

Test driving is a critical part of your buying process since it gives you a better look at your preferred model’s interior, performance, and details. If you have any GMC models in mind, please schedule a test drive at our dealership and explore its features before purchase.

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